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Fri, 16.01.2015 13:58
if anyone have problems with c h341 drivers on Ubuntu 14.04 I have a patched driver and it works with 3.13.X kernel [...]
Tue, 02.12.2014 19:46
Another small patch to get an IP address after a brownout. ( Again, sorry for the lost lead ing spaces in each line [...]
Mon, 27.10.2014 20:09
I'm sorry for the lost formatt ing when browsing this patch, but it's still there in the co mment source: --- ntp [...]
Mon, 27.10.2014 12:32
OK. I made a change for boards with a ceramic resonator inst ead of quartz crystal like my UNO: replaced the line [...]
Fri, 24.10.2014 01:59
Thank you very much for your f eedback! I'm happy if my work can be useful to someone else. As for the license, [...]
Thu, 23.10.2014 22:53
I have no experience running g ulp with nohup. I usually use screen [1] to achieve the same result. [1] https:// [...]
Thu, 23.10.2014 19:46
Hi, I'm seeing odd behavi or when running gulp with rota ting packet captures in that o nce in awhile a file is [...]
Thu, 23.10.2014 18:55
Thank you very much for this p rogramme! I needed exactly suc h a converter and when I test ed it, it turned out tha [...]
Mon, 20.10.2014 22:37
I'm running gulp on a linux se rver with the nohup and the "& " options to run a rotating pa cket capture for a speci [...]
Sat, 04.10.2014 04:36
i love the addition to the tim e, however i am not seeing the files rotate with -C 1000 whe n using -t. I actually m [...]
Fri, 03.10.2014 08:44
That would require changes to the code. If you need one pcap file per hour you could post- process the captured dat [...]
Fri, 03.10.2014 05:53
Is there any way to make it so that for instance when I type -G 3600 that it will rotate t he file every hour on th [...]
Sun, 14.09.2014 23:03
That's indeed a bug that shoul d be fixed sometime. I work ar ound it by calling a shell scr ipt with -Z where I chec [...]
Sun, 14.09.2014 19:16
Is there any way to make it so that it doesn't execute -Z w hen the program initially star ts up?



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