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Netgear DG834 bridge mode (PPPoE)

If you own a Netgear DG834 ADSL modem/router/bridge, and for some reason you'd like to terminate the PPPoE connection on another device, you'll probably be disappointed as we first were to see that there is no "bridge mode" option in the web interface, even after a firmware upgrade followed by a factory reset.

This doen't mean however that you can't. It's just undocumented... Here is how we finally got it up & running, after trying several procedures found here and there. The exact model we used is the DG834Bv2, but from what I've seen it should work with other similar devices as well (at least with other DG834B versions and also with DG834G variants).

- to begin with we installed the latest available firmware, V3.01.37 (we had to go to for this, the international website didn't have it)

- this was followed by a factory reset

- then from the "basic settings" page/section we set "does your internet provider require a login" to "No"

- from the "LAN IP Setup" page/section we unchecked "use router as DHCP server"

- after going through these steps you'll have to edit the URL in your browser to go to the "mode.htm" page - this should redirect you to ; on that page you can set the device to operate in "modem-only" mode.
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Hemanth on :

The WORST service provided by NETGEAR India people...

I bought a Netgear DG834 ADSL+Router which had issues when upgraded the firmware after speaking to tech support. i got it replaced and the new piece has power connector issues.. the service team is so irresponsible they ask me to come after 15 days... one week or even wont refund me the money... the WORST of WORST service provided by NETGEAR India..... i have been out of net bcoz of this STUPID response from NETGEAR people... i sent an e-mail to NETGEAR.... as expected no RESPONSE... LOL... NETGEAR SUCKS!!!!

THINK TWICE before buying the product... the service has been outsource.. and they are VERY IRRESPONSIBLE people....

G H on :

Great post really really help me out.
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheMan on :

Thanks alot!

Does the job!

Now the Netgear DG834Gv2 is functioning exactly as required as a bridge for the devices connected to it and linked to my main router.

shreyas on :

i had searched over the internet madly to have bridge mode, but didn't got useful help. year after the purchase!! ,finally i'm able to use bridge mode.
THANKS once again

gavin on :

THANKS! I have resurrected my 6 year old modem and its now performing a useful bridge function in my new office network.

james bills on :

thanks for the info.
I have a DG834v3 at a client site and i just went straight to the mode page and changed it there, job done!

works a charm :-)

Pete on :

Just like to say a huge thanks for this.
Total hardware failure last week including router, switch, modem and PC disk error; the modem was the last bit to replace. All I had left was an old and never used DG834 from one of the many ISPs over the years. 5 minutes with your awesome advice and it was working; better still, it's the quickest modem I've used, passing a full 20Mbps on a 22Mbps sync line. Big love out to you guys.

Danial on :

Recently my 6 month old Draytek Vigor 120 (V2) modem (sitting in front of my RT-N66U) started to drop the connection every couple of minutes...

So using your great post, I tried to enlist my 834PN as a bridge to my router. All settings remain the same - but although the modem says connected - the logs on the router say unable to complete pope discovery.

Any ideas?


Paul on :

Many thanks for this. It's very useful to be able to use the DG834 as a modem. It means the firewall behind can have the Public IP instead.

Nick on :

You are a legend... works like a charm!!!

Williamzefs on :

I need to contact admin.
Thank you.

crox on :

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