Linksys WAG200G-EU stops routing UDP after a while (scripted reboot how-to)


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Fri, 03.10.2014 08:44
That would require changes to the code. If you need one pcap file per hour you could post- process the captured dat [...]
Fri, 03.10.2014 05:53
Is there any way to make it so that for instance when I type -G 3600 that it will rotate t he file every hour on th [...]
Sun, 14.09.2014 23:03
That's indeed a bug that shoul d be fixed sometime. I work ar ound it by calling a shell scr ipt with -Z where I chec [...]
Sun, 14.09.2014 19:16
Is there any way to make it so that it doesn't execute -Z w hen the program initially star ts up?
Sun, 14.09.2014 11:29
You could prepare a string con taining the date/time in your favorite format with strftime( ) , and modify this line [...]
Sun, 14.09.2014 03:53
Is there any way to change it from using epoch time to utc o r local time when using the -t option?
Sat, 13.09.2014 07:54
Packaging bug is still there, in Debian too. Fixed thank s to this page. Thanks!
Tue, 15.07.2014 22:00
Many thanks for this. It's ver y useful to be able to use the DG834 as a modem. It means th e firewall behind can ha [...]
Sun, 23.02.2014 10:08
I searched half of my life for this solution :-). THANK YOU!
Thu, 23.01.2014 20:29
You need to install the libpca p-dev package, eg like this: $ sudo apt-get install libpcap -dev
Thu, 23.01.2014 19:42
i am new to Linux. how can i install gulp? I applied 64bit patch by "patch -i 01-gulp-am d64.patch" then "make" b [...]
Sun, 12.01.2014 00:43
Can you provide some details a bout the system you are using, like OS and libpcap version?
Wed, 08.01.2014 18:15
FYI crox - your tarball spawns a new instance of gulp every 1s ad infinitum... I've tried everything I have time t [...]
Sat, 12.10.2013 01:26
Recently my 6 month old Drayte k Vigor 120 (V2) modem (sittin g in front of my RT-N66U) star ted to drop the connecti [...]
Wed, 28.08.2013 12:29
Ran across this issue today on my Ubunutu 12.04 Precise serv er, but with a couple of diffe rences. The node was own [...]



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